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Using the Inverter Remote Control

On all RoamRig systems, a Kisae inverter remote was supplied to you in a bubble wrapped bag after your power system was installed. It looks like this and it has your inverter serial number printed on the back.

inverter code

This remote control can be used for a variety of purposes:

1st Generation Revels*

The inverter remote will be connected using the supplied cable to the front of the inverter which is behind the vertical vent on the front of the bench seat. It will be connected to the "remote" port

Plug the cord into the back of the remote, and then into the remote port on the inverter (visible through the vent on the front of the bench seat)


2nd & 3rd Generation Revels*

The inverter remote cable will be preinstalled under the bench seat where all the Winnebago plumbing/wiring is. Connect the remote to the pre-installed cable. 



*Guide: Which Generation Revel Do I Have?