Using Your Beatbox

After your system is installed, here's how to get the most out of it.

Using Your Beatbox Stereo

  • Your vehicle must be keyed on in order for the stereo to work.
  • Please keep your Mercedes equalizer at or near 0 across the board.
  • The subwoofer gain knob is below your cupholder (near the power outlet). Looking directly at the knob from below, clockwise is more subwoofer gain, counter-clockwise is less subwoofer gain. 

Audio Quality

Wired Carplay/Android Auto audio will be the best sounding compared to compressed sources like satellite radio.

If you notice distortion or poor quality sound with audio that wasn't a problem before, make sure you're using a high-quality source. Think of looking at a blurry photo with blurry vision. You would not know it was blurry until you have good light and good vision. The stereo upgrade is similar to having good light and good vision...suddenly the defects in the image (or audio) become obvious. We HIGHLY recommend using a wired, high-quality streaming source.

Using a high quality audio source with the Mercedes EQ settings at 0, if you still have questions about sound then please let us know. When you do, tell us:

  • Where you are streaming music from and how the audio source is connected to the stereo.
  • The specific song(s), podcast episode(s) etc. and timestamps for the sounds in question.