What is beeping?

If something in your system is beeping, take note of when it happens and if it is associated with any particular actions.

  • If the beeping occurs when you are using the inverter (using things like A/C, Stove, etc.) or when plugging into shore power, you will need to check error codes using the inver remote. Read our guide for reading inverter error codes. After you know the code, please get in touch so we can help.

  • If it does not occur with inverter use, does the Victron gauge show anything indicating an error? RoamRig does not set any alarms with our default settings, but it's possible to change the defaults.

Outside of the inverter and Victron gauge, there is nothing else in a RoamRig system that would beep. If you're unable to diagnose, send us a video of the beep and describe when it happens. We're always happy to take a look.