Beatbox Blackbird Upgrades

Out of the box, the Beatbox Blackbird uses audio from the Mercedes stereo. It also has the infrastructure in place for more functionality, which you can add during or after installation.


Beatbox Blackbird Install Walkthrough

Using your “house” batteries to power the Beatbox Blackbird

  • It is up to you or your installer to provide a means by which to connect the Beatbox to your house batteries. The Beatbox needs 80A (it uses far less, but can be this high in certain situations for short periods of time). 
  • If you want to switch between house/chassis power, it is up to you or your upfitter to find a high power switching device that suits your needs and a means by which to trigger that device to switch between the two power sources. Many high power relays/contactors/switches exist that can be used for this purpose. 

Using a Bluetooth receiver with the Beatbox Blackbird

  • The Bluetooth functionality was tested/tuned with a JL Audio bluetooth receiver. Many bluetooth receivers will work as long as they have RCA outputs available for the auxiliary inputs for the Beatbox.
  • When the Bluetooth receiver is being on/used, you must also trigger the amplifier to turn on AND use a profile which has the bluetooth receiver inputs enabled in order for the Beatbox to work. 
  • If you add a Bluetooth receiver, the Beatbox Blackbird will still need to be powered for the Bluetooth inputs to work. For this, we strongly recommend that you or your installer add the ability to use your "house" batteries to power the stereo. Otherwise, you will need to key on your vehicle to power the stereo, at which point you can use the Mercedes interface for audio inputs.

Adding rear/outside speakers to the Beatbox Blackbird

  • The Beatbox is designed to use Arc Audio 602 6.5” coaxial speakers for the rear/outside channel set. You may be able to use other similar speakers. However if tuning is required for these, we cannot provide tuning assistance and tuning may void warranties provided by both RoamRig and Arc audio. 
  • You may be able to disconnect outside speakers by merely removing them from the system (eg: quick connections that allow you to disconnect them). If you do this, you must ensure that a resistor load pack (pictured below) remains connected to the enabled output wires from the amplifier to prevent amplifier damage.


Upgrading an 8" or 10" Beatbox to the Beatbox Blackbird

  • If you're interested in upgrading an earlier Beatbox, let us know! We're actively working on kits for this purpose and we'll add you to our list of folks to be notified when the upgrade kits are ready.