My power won't turn on

If nothing in your van will turn on, it's likely that the batteries are depleted and have shut down to protect themselves. But don't fret - nothing is damaged!

The batteries have multiple safety mechanisms to protect them when power is low and eventually depleted. Depending on the level of shutdown, there may be a few steps you’ll need to take to power the system back on. Use the chart below to get your system up and running again. 

Once you get things started and the Victron gauge is powered back up, it will default to 100% SOC. This is NOT correct. In order to make it correct, you need a FULL charge. Instructions for charging after a full system power-down are at the end of this guide.

Power Wont Turn On

The Victron Gauge

If the round Victron gauge screen is off, then your batteries off. When the batteries are off, they will NOT charge until they are turned on. Plugging into shore power or charging via driving will NOT do anything if the batteries are off.

Your system is on and can be charged when the Victron gauge display is on.

Checking Your Breakers

1st Generation Revels*: the breakers are on the front of the bench seat above the heater vent. Watch our video to learn how to access the DC breakers.

2nd and 3rd Generation Revels*: the breakers are above the batteries in the back of the van. Watch our video to learn how to access the breakers and batteries.

*Guide: What Generation of Revel Do I Have?

Resetting Your Batteries

If you need to reset your batteries, they have likely been discharged below the low voltage shutdown. Turn off the house battery switch then reset your batteries:

  • 1st Gen Revels (with Lion Energy batteries):
  • 2nd and 3rd Gen Revels (with Lithionics/Xantrex batteries):
    • Use the Lithionics App to see if the batteries are on. If they are visible in the app, the batteries are on. They are likely in low-voltage protection mode. Charge via driving or shore power to take them out of this mode.
    • If you cannot see a battery in the app, it probably in deep protection mode and has powered off. With a charge source available, press the button to wake up the battery then begin charging immediately. When the battery is awake, you should see it in the Lithionics app. For more, watch our video to learn how to reset your batteries (the video shows a 2nd gen system, but the process is the same for 3rd gen systems). 

When power is restored to the Victron gauge, it will default to reading 100% SOC. This CANNOT be trusted until the system has been fully charged.

If the batteries will not turn on, they will need a jump start via an external source. If one battery can turn on, you can start the engine, wait for charging to start, and then you should be able to turn the rest of the batteries on. If this does not work, please email for assistance. 

Fully Charge the Batteries

As soon as the breakers and batters batteries are both on, begin charging right away:

  • Plug into shore power. Alternatively, you can start the engine and keep it running.
  • Monitor the amps via the Victron app – they must be positive! If they are not, then the system is not charging.
  • Once current is flowing into the batteries, as indicated by positive amps, the house power switch can be turned back on.
  • While charging, make sure the breakers stay on.
  • Charge until the batteries are FULL. This may take a significant amount of time. 
When the batteries are full, high voltage will be 13.6V or higher and current will be low (+/-25 amps). Only when the batteries are full will it will synchronize the SOC estimate so that the % can be trusted again. For more about SOC inaccuracies, see our article on SOC Drift.