Is my solar working?

How to check whether solar is working or not

If you don't see positive amps when you expect solar to be charging the batteries,  it doesn't mean solar isn't working. The amps shown on the Victron gauge is NET power at the batteries. For example, if you have 10A coming in from solar, but 15A of loads, you will see -5A net at the gauge. So, -5  doesn’t mean solar ISN’T working, but rather the gauge is showing that your loads are higher than your charge source at the moment. 

If you are wondering if your solar panels are working, you can easily check the output (also, see the video below):

  • Make sure that your batteries are below 100% (voltage should be 13.2V or less). If the batteries are near full, you may not see any solar input. When the solar controller has determined the batteries are full, it will only "float" the batteries and will not add any more energy to them.
  • Turn off the house battery switch to eliminate loads on the system.
  • Make sure there is no charge from other sources by unplugging from shore power and making sure the engine is off.
  • Now, the Victron gauge will only show what solar input (if any) the batteries are getting. If you see a positive number for amps, your solar system on the RoamRig side of things is working.
  • If you do not see a positive number, you might have an issue with one of your rooftop panels. This can be diagnosed using a multimeter or you can disconnect all but one panel and see what it produces, and then repeat with each of your panels. 
  • For more help troubleshooting, please create a support ticket and include a screenshot of your Victron app when the house battery switch is off and other charge sources are disabled.


Remember that in hot weather solar panel efficiency decreases. If you have any solar panel shading or other blockage, that will also decrease what the panels can generate. 

Solar is NOT a guarantee of running fridge/fan indefinitely. If you have extra panels, that will surely help, but do not assume that since you have solar, you will absolutely have unlimited power for fridge/fan.