My Shore Power or Air Conditioner Isn't Working

If you are having issues with shore power charging or using your air conditioner, follow these steps.

If your inverter is beeping or you are having an issue using it to power your A/C or other appliance, use the inverter remote to check the inverter firmware version and also check for any error codes. Write down the firmware version and any errors in case you need to contact support.

If the breakers on the shore power connection/pedestal are tripping, then you need a better shore power connection. If your batteries are charging, you may need to wait until they're full to use 120V appliances (more here). Remember, RV parks in the summer can be a challenge since EVERYONE is using a lot of power.

My air conditioner isn't working

For issues with the A/C, please test it running from both battery power and from shore power. When plugged into shore power, the A/C will only work in following scenarios:

  • You are plugged into a good 30A outlet
  • You are plugged into a 15 or 20A outlet AND the batteries are fully charged (shown when you are plugged in and the Amps are less than 5A).
  • You have changed charge settings to decrease charge rate so you can charge the batteries and run the A/C at the same time.

If the problem persists, please submit a support ticket with the following info:

  • Firmware level
  • When the issue occurs (shore power, battery power, etc)
  • What error codes you see
  • What your battery voltage is when the issue occurs

My shore power connection isn't working

Follow the diagram below to test your connection before submitting a support ticket.