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Victron Connect Questions & Troubleshooting

If you are having issues connecting to or using the Victron battery monitor or app, start here.

Visit our Victron Battery Monitoring guide to read about how to monitor your power and how to set up the Victron Connect app.  


The Victron Gauge is off

This means the batteries have reached their internal low voltage shut down. Here is what to do if that happens.


I cannot connect to the battery monitor

First, make sure no other device is connected to the battery monitor already. On the other device, force close the app or turn off bluetooth. 

If you are sure no other devices are connected, then delete the device from your bluetooth devices list and add it again from the Victron app. Do not add Victron devices directly from the bluetooth menu on your phone!

If that does not work, delete and reinstall the Victron app on your phone. 


I forgot my Victron Connect password

The default password is 000000. We recommend customers change it to their birthday (i.e. 071285 for 07/12/1985). If you cannot log in with either code – or a code that you commonly use –your password will need reset.

To reset your password, you’ll need the PUK code from your battery monitor. For recent installations, RoamRig has saved this information. Get in touch and we may be able to help. 

If we do not have your PUK code, or you’d rather find it yourself, unscrew your control panel from the wall of your van. The PUK code is on the back of the battery monitor. 

Once you have your code, return to the Victron Connect app. Tap or click the three-dots menu on the right side of the product description. A menu will pop up offering a 'Reset PIN code' option. Click that, and enter the PUK code.


I accidentally changed the settings in my Victron Connect app

RoamRig will instruct you if settings need to be changed. If you may have unintentionally changed your settings, please compare them to the default settings listed on the Victron Battery Monitoring guide. Note: settings are different depending on your system – note the year of your Revel!