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How To Use Shore Charging

Connect your Revel to a shore power source when stored or parked to charge the batteries when solar charging is not available. 

  • A standard 15A home outlet is plenty to charge the batteries. If charging AND using 120V load at the same time, you may use more than 15A from the outlet and blow a breaker, so this is when a 30A outlet is helpful. Alternatively, you can wait until the batteries are fully charged (as indicated by current on the Victron display/app being below 10A) and then turn AC or stove on. 
  • Regardless of the position of the inverter switch, the inverter will automatically come on and start charging when plugged in. There is no need to turn the system on or the inverter on for it to charge via shore power. When plugged in to shore power, the inverter also outputs power to outlets, etc. If the system is on, that will keep the 12v items (fridge, lights, etc) powered. 
  • You will hear a fan in the bench seat area turn on when the van is plugged into shore power. This is the inverter cooling fan and keeps the inverter cool when it is charging the batteries. 

Shore charge not working? Follow the diagram below before submitting a support ticket.