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How To Use Shore Charging

Every RoamRig power system includes a Kisea inverter/charger for powering AC appliances and charging the house batteries from a shore power connection. Plug into a shore power connection with the Winnebago-provided cord to charge your house system.

Only use 120V connections for shore power. Plugging your van into a 220-240V connection will damage the Kisea inverter and void its warranty.

What can be powered by shore power?

When you are plugged into shore power, you can do the following (though not all at once, see the next section):

  • Charge the house batteries
  • Run the air conditioner
  • Run electric water heater
  • Use the induction cooktop

When you are connected to shore power, the amperage of the connection determines which items you can run at the same time. 

  • Any connection: you can never run electric water heat and A/C at the same time. Each of these takes enough power that they can never be combined without issue. 
  • 15A power: This is plenty to charge the house batteries. If charging AND using 120V load at the same time, you may use more than 15A from the outlet and blow the breaker connected to the external outlet, so this is when a 30A outlet is helpful. On a 15A connection, you can only do ONE of the above items. For example, before running the A/C, you must make sure that charging is complete (indicated by amps/watts being close to zero). To run a load before charging is complete, you must change the inverter settings to disable charging or decrease charge rate (see video and directions here).
  • 20A power: you may get away with charging and running A/C or water heater, but it is best to only do one item.
  • 30A power: you can run the A/C and charge at the same time OR run the electric water heater and charge at the same time. 

I can hear the fan when plugged into shore power, is that normal?

Yes! It is expected for the inverter fan to run and be noticeable when connected to shore power and charging. The fan is in the bench seat area and runs so the inverter can cool itself when it is charging the batteries. 

Do I need to turn on the inverter to use shore power?

No. The inverter will automatically come on and start charging when plugged in, regardless of the switch position. There is no need to turn the system on or the inverter on for it to charge via shore power. When plugged in to shore power, the inverter also outputs power to outlets, etc. If the system is on, that will keep the 12v items (fridge, lights, etc) powered. 

My shore power connection is not working.

If you are having issues running your A/C on shore power, follow the steps outlined here.