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Reading Inverter Error Codes

If you are having an inverter issue (beeping or other problem), we may need you to read the inverter error codes before submitting a support ticket. Error codes are available using the inverter remote that was given to you when your system was initially installed. 

The inverter remote looks like this and was given to you during your initial installation wrapped in a pink bubble wrap bag:

inverter code

  1. You will need to connect the RJ12 cord to this remote. If you have a 2018-2020 system, it was given to you in the same bag as the inverter remote. If you have a 2021-22 system, it will be pre-installed on your power system. 
    • For 2018-2020 vans, plug the cord into the back of the remote, and then into the remote port on the inverter (visible through the vent on the front of the bench seat)
    • For 2021-22 vans, the end of the cord that plugs into the remote is under the bench seat plywood in the area where all the Winnebago plumbing/wiring is. 
  2. Once the remote is plugged in, turn the inverter on using the switch on the control panel on the wall. When the inverter is on, the remote should turn on. It will display Rx.x then rx.x (where X is a variable number and these are the levels of firmware). After that, it will go to the main default display. 
  3. When the error is occurring, the inverter remote will display an error code: E followed by a number. 

Common error codes:

  • E13. This is a GFCI error code. If it is constant beeping and constant E13 any time the inverter is on, check the GFCI outlet on the inverter and make sure it has not been tripped. If it is not constant and ONLY shows E13 when the AC or other high load item cycles on shore power, please update your firmware as this is a known issue that Kisae addressed with a firmware update. Follow link here for updating inverter firmware