Preparing for Pick Up

It's almost time to hit the road! Before you can pick up your van from the installer, your final invoice must be paid.

After your upgrade, you’ll receive an email from us with guidance for using your system. We also encourage you to explore our Knowledge Base. Then, after you have become familiar with the system and our resources, you can submit a support request for assistance. Please do not ask your installer for guidance or a how-to walkthrough on the system. 

Before picking up your van, we suggest you learn about your new battery monitoring system and familiarize yourself with a few important accessories that will come with the upgrade.

Learn about Battery Monitoring

RoamRig utilizes a Bluetooth-enabled app called Victron Connect for house battery monitoring. You will not use One Place for battery monitoring anymore. Prepare for picking up your upgraded van by downloading the Victron Connect app (iOS and Android) and learning how the monitor works.

Tools Included with your upgraded van

Your upgraded van will be returned to you with a few accessories: a Kisae remote for the inverter and a magnetic screw driver*. Please keep them in the van at all times! If you have an issue on the road, we may be unable to diagnose and help resolve it without them. 

*First Generation Revel Stage 1 upgrades do not include a magnetic screwdriver

Watch our video to identify these accessories:


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