Will the Beatbox fit in my Sprinter?

The guidance below describes why the Beatbox is installed the way that it is and what Sprinter features it was developed specifically for. If your Sprinter is different, then use this info to decide if you can adapt the Beatbox for your van.


The Beatbox will fit Sprinter cargo vans that have OEM seat swivels, the 10" radio, and nothing under the passenger seat base. If anything about your van is different, installation will need to account for those variables, which is up to you or your installer. RoamRig cannot help with installation modifications due to the enormous variety of Sprinter van setups and customizations.

Here are the specific Sprinter features the Beatbox installation needs:

  • Front speakers only with no OEM rear speakers/fader. If your van has rear speakers from Mercedes, the Beatbox is not for you because it does not support more than 2 channels of input audio with fader capability.

  • VS30 chassis only (2019 and later). If you have an NCV3 chassis (2007-2018), the Beatbox will unfortunately not work for your van.

  • Cargo model vans. If your van is a crew or passenger variant, the Beatbox might work for you if you do not have OEM speakers behind the driver/passenger seat. 

  • 12V power port on the center side of the driver seat base which turns on with the FIRST press of the key and is used for triggering the amplifier to turn on. If you have this power port, we recommend testing it to ensure that it is only powered AFTER the first press of the key. The port MUST be off when the MBUX display/radio are off. If you do not have a power port on the side of the seat base which functions in this way, the Beatbox may work for you. However, you will have to find an alternate way to trigger the amplifier to turn on. We do not have guidance on alternative methods to trigger the amplifier to turn on


  • Short seat bases with OEM Mercedes swivels. If your van has no swivels or aftermarket swivels with OEM tall seat bases, the Beatbox can work for you. However you may need to use soft foam or hard spacers to ensure that the Beatbox is securely held down by the seat/swivel and that there’s clearance for anything on an aftermarket swivel that protrudes below the seat mounting surface. 

  • Empty passenger seat base. Many vans are built with accessories in the passenger seat base. The Beatbox takes up nearly all available space under the passenger seat base. You may be able to move accessories if you have them there. Some vans are equipped with a second chassis battery from Mercedes in the passenger seat base, so do not assume that a new Sprinter which has no work done to it will have an empty passenger seat base.

    If you have a 2025 Revel, follow this guide to prepare the passenger seat base for installation by relocating the Ecoflow DC-DC converter.


  • 10” MBUX display. We cannot confirm that the Mercedes amplifier and audio are exactly the same with any of the other available radios (7”, or basic with no touch screen). If your van does not have the 10” MBUX touch screen display, the Beatbox may work for you, however we cannot provide any guarantee of audio quality as all development and tuning was done with 10" screen model Sprinters.

Does this fit my "XYZ" factory RV?

    • Winnebago Revel: fits 2nd and 3rd Gen Revels without any modifications (Which Generation Revel Do I Have?).
    • Storyteller Overland: fits all Stealth/Classic. Beast mode requires a bit of extra work to move a fuse/relay panel.
    • Thor Tranquility: Fits but requires extra work to relocate Thor installed components.


Can I DIY install this?

Who can install this?

    • Check out our installer map for dealers/installers. All of our power system installers can also install stereos!

Do I need the 2023 Fitment Kit?