2021-22 RoamRig 101

With an upgraded power system, there will be changes to how you operate and enjoy your Revel. RoamRig’s goal is for you to worry less, and enjoy more. With that in mind, there are a few things you can do to be fully prepared to enjoy your new system

Battery Monitoring

RoamRig utilizes a Bluetooth-enabled app called Victron Connect for house battery monitoring. 

Tools included:

What should I do differently on my first RoamRig adventures?

  • Worry less, enjoy more! Use RoamRig and enjoy the power boost. You cannot break anything by using it wrong. 
  • Start using RoamRig with your Revel and get acquainted on your own. Note any questions that come up. After at least a few days (or a few weeks) of learning the RoamRig system on your own, please fill out a support ticket if you need any assistance and we would be happy to help. 
  • Please do not download manuals for the components in the system! They are not needed.

Control Panel

Control Panel

The controls marked in RED on the reference picture above are directly related to your RoamRig power system. These controls include:

The controls marked in BLUE are systems that have been rolled over from the existing system. These include:

  • Heater 

  • OnePlace 


  • House Battery: Turn the house battery on/off to turn on/off all 12v loads. 12V loads include fridge, lights, USB outlets, etc. Turn house power off when storing the van with no charge source. It doesn’t hurt to turn it off when storing with a charge source, but it isn’t necessary if the charge source can sustain a constant load from the fridge and other 12v consumers that may be left on.
  • Inverter: Use the labeled switch to turn the Inverter on or off, according to the following states:
    • The inverter will automatically come on when plugged into shore power and turns off when shore power is disconnected. You do not need to flip the switch. Only use the switch to turn on the inverter when you are running on battery power.
    • Turn the inverter off when not in use (running AC, cooking, or using power outlets) and not connected to shore power. Leaving the inverter on will drain the batteries completely after several days.
    • If there is an issue with the inverter, such as not powering on or beeping during use, please plug in the remote, then check error codes, and open a support ticket
  • Bed Switch: Your bed switch no longer requires a key and works as labeled as long as the house power switch is in the ON position.
  • Lighting: Your new light switches are now clearly labeled to their corresponding lights! Hooray!

Breaker Panel

Below is a reference picture of your breaker panel and the function of each breaker

Breaker Panel

Location of your components