Upgraded Components (1st Gen Revels)

Learn about the components that we upgrade and add with every installation and where to find them in your van.

Parts included (see locations here)

  • Kisae BIC1230100 pure sine wave inverter/charger
  • Kisae DMT1250 DC-DC converter w/ MPPT solar controller. 750w maximum solar input at 50 VOC max. 
  • Victron BMV712 bluetooth battery monitor
  • Lion Energy UT1300 105ah lithium batteries with individual Carling circuit breakers tied to a distribution busbar
  • Balmar 250A alternator with MC-618 regulator and associated mounting hardware (Stage 2/3 only)

Why did you change the inverter?

The chosen 3000w inverter is able to run the air conditioning with no soft start. Additionally, it can run the air conditioning while you use other high power appliances like the inductive cooktop. Finally, it has a built-in 100 amp DC battery charger for quickly charging your house battery bank when you are plugged into shore power.  

Why not use heated batteries in stock locations?

How much do you want to read? In short, it is less than optimal for many reasons regardless of what you may be sold by others about heated batteries. Heated batteries, regardless of claims of being non-parasitic, all take energy to heat. That energy comes from charge sources (decreasing charge rate) or from external sources. The location of batteries under a stock 2020 or prior Revel is not conducive to rework such that a lithium system can perform optimally.

Why do you remove so much Winnebago wiring?

The Winnebago wiring is adequate to work, but is not optimal for an efficient lithium system that is installed in a central location under the bench seat. It is easier/cheaper/higher quality to remove the original wiring and start fresh. 

What is the warranty?

Each component of the RoamRig system has a manufacturer warranty. The batteries have a lifetime warranty! The interconnecting components and installation will be warrantied by RoamRig (not the installation partner) for 1 year from the completion of the installation. For simple repairs or issues, RoamRig will provide direction for you so that you can quickly get back on the road, exploring the world! 

What about Seat Safety?

Seat belts can stay. The OEM seat from Winnebago is not certified in any way, as there are no regulations in the US regarding passenger seating crash or pull tests.

Component Locations

DC Breaker Panel

The breaker panel for your batteries, DC to DC converter and the DC fuse panel is located on the front of the bench seat above the heater vent. Video: Finding and opening the DC Breaker Panel.

AC Breaker Panel and DC Fuse Panel

These are located behind the bench seat cushion. The AC Breaker Panel is on the left and has breakers for the air conditioner, cooktop, outlets, inverter, shore power and 120V water heater. Video: Finding and opening the AC Breaker and DC Fuse Panel.

The DC Fuse Panel is on the right and is exactly as is from Winnebago. 


Your house batteries are under the bench seat. Watch this video to learn how to access them.

Inverter and GFCI Outlet

If you need to access the inverter or the GFCI outlet, you can find it behind the cover on the front of the bench seat. The inverter is the white device on the left. Video: Finding the GFCI Outlet.