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Running A/C On Shore Power

When you are on shore power, you can do the following things:

  • Charge batteries
  • Run A/C
  • Run electric water heater

When you are connected to shore power, the amperage of the connection determines which items you can run at the same time. 

  • Any connection: you can never run electric water heat and A/C at the same time. Each of these takes enough power that they can never be combined without issue. 
  • 15A power: you can only do ONE of the above items. E.G. If you want to connect to 15A power and run A/C, you must make sure that charging is complete (indicated by Amps/Watts being close to zero) before turning the AC on OR you must change the inverter settings to disable charging or decrease charge rate (see video and directions here)
  • 20A power: you may get away with charging and running A/C or water heater, but it is best to only do one item
  • 30A power: you can run the A/C and charge at the same time or run the electric water heat and charge at the same time. 

If you are having issues running your A/C on shore power after changing settings to decrease charge rate, please connect the inverter remote to read inverter error codes, and report those to us in a support ticket.